Why Choose Redsoul Design?

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Why Choose Redsoul Design?

Redsoul Design is made up of Certified Solidworks Professionals,Chartered Engineers, European Incorporated Engineers and experienced Project Managers. 

We are a small design business and we can respond quickly and effectively to your needs and requirements.

We can offer support packages to be on hand exactly when you need us- no more waiting!

We are honest and upfront about everything, so that there are no shocks later down the line. 

We take great pride in delivering exceptional customer service, but more importantly, we want you to succeed. 

Redsoul Design milling of prototypes

We are quick and responsive- but without compromise!

We can turn around drawings and projects as quickly as you need- Just ask.

We also work closely with world class manufacturers to bring you the best parts within the quickest time frame. 

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Redsoul Design Ltd

12 Shaftesbury Road, Exeter, Exeter, Devon, England EX2 9BR, United Kingdom

Telephone: 03335 773660 Mobile: 07728 795233

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