Product Design

What is product design?

Product Design is about defining a problem and then thinking about all the possible solutions to that problem. It is about how a product looks, feels, what materials are used, functionality, performance etc.  Product design encompasses a variety of areas of expertise. This can be from graphics designers, industrial designers, user researchers, design engineers, interface designers, electronics engineers - anyone who is involved or needs tobe involved with some part of a project. 

Essentially, product design is about the specification for a part or group of parts that make up the design of a product.  This may include things like: 

  • How the  product is required to perform
  • The environment the product will contend with
  • Its lifecycle
  • The products size
  • Materials
  • Finishes
  • How does it feel?
  • The overall look

Product Design Process - in Brief

Redsoul Design Product Design ideas


At this early stage, we will talk about your users and your requirements. We will discuss all the critical issues for your idea, aswell as creating a number of concepts and ideas for us to talk about with you. This is the most critical stage of the process.

Redsoul Design Product Design 3d printing

Rapid Prototyping

When we have a viable concept or idea, we will  rapid prototype it so you can see it in real life. 3D printing is generally the method used in the early stages of a design.

We will then develop and tweak the concept further. We have many rapid prototyping processes at our fingertips, so we will advise on the correct one for your design.

Redsoul Design using a lathe for mechanical engineering


At this stage, we have a viable functioning concept for your idea. We can help you take this as far as you need...whether it is simply making a few parts or to fullscale manufacturing.

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