Privacy Policy



To be compliant with the new GDPR, Redsoul Design would like to advise on what data we hold, how we hold it and your rights.

Data we hold:

The information we hold is to administer your account and provide the services you have requested from us. This includes the following:


Job Title

Company Name

Telephone Number


E-mail Address

Payment Details

This data will never be shared, passed on or sold. The data will only be used for communicating with you – unless it is needed as a requirement to fulfil contractual obligations ( deliveries etc) .

How we hold Data:

We will hold the general data above, any digital or physical data  ( such as CAD data, samples or parts) related to the services requested,  until they are requested to be deleted or requested to be returned. These requests must be in written format.

We will retain data whilst current contacts are in place or where we believe there will be future communication and work opportunities. 

Your Rights:

Under the new General Data Protection Regulations you have specific rights regarding held data - these include, to; Copy, Correct, Object to the use of, and request Deletion of.

Full information can be found at:


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Why we use cookies:

We use cookies purely to monitor the analitics and performance of our website. Nothing else.


 Will not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you.

How do you stop cookies being used?

It is possible to stop some or all cookies working on your browser. Here are some guides on how to manage your cookies:

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You may visit the All About Cookies website where  you will find all the information you need to manage your web privacy.